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  • Costruzione Allunghe e Trasmissioni

    World Best Factory & Business Company
    with more than 20 years of experience

  • Costruzione Allunghe e Trasmissioni

    Products are made in the factory,
    but brands are created in the mind

  • Costruzione Allunghe e Trasmissioni

    High technology power transmission components
    for industrial applications

Costruzione Allunghe e Trasmissioni

Company Profile

Counting on more than 20 years of experience COSTRUZIONI ALLUNGHE E TRASMISSIONI srl designs and produces high technology power transmission components for industrial applications. The design, the selection, the production and all the tests during the various phases, are made in accordance with a very strict quality protocol which assures the highest possible quality of our products.
Our technology also allows to manufacture customized products for those applications where standard items would not suffice.

Universal Shafts

Universal joint for medium and heavy-duty industry drives. Design of shafts goes up to 9.000kNm max transmittable torque and 1200mm max flange diameter.

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Gear Couplings

Gear couplings for medium and heavy industry drives. Design of gear couplings goes up to 1650kNm max transmittable torque and 850mm max external diameter.

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Plates Lamellar Couplings

Plates packs lamellar couplings Model GPL. The lamellar group bushed through rectified connections, is locked with precision screw and special self-locking nuts.

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Gearboxes and Spare

The know how developed allows COSTRUZIONI ALLUNGHE E TRANSMISSIONI to produce high technology and reliable gearboxes with very competitive prices.

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From design to painting every production step is checked and tested to guarantee an excellent product with the higher quality standards

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What We Can Do

  • Find the best solution to solve any transmission problem.
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs.
  • Be the ideal partners to satisfy all your needs.
  • We offer not products but solutions.
  • We serve more than 300 customers worldwide.
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Costruzione Allunghe e Trasmissioni

Our best services


The design of the gear unit is optimized to suit the motor power, rolling speed and environmental conditions. Customer specifications will be taken in full account.

Vibration Analysis

We are equipped to measure absolute and relative vibrations, and to make analysis of the results to evaluate machine status an rooth cause analysis.

Reverse Engineering

If you need to replace an old machine without changing the layout of the system we can make a machine that adapts to the system even if drawings are not available.


We can make complete overhaul of gearboxes. In special cases we can also reverse engineering components or make optimization of old units.

Commissioning on site

Our technician will follow the commissioning of new plants or single machine, providing the expertise and the equipment needed for a safe start up.


Costruzione Allunghe e Trasmissioni s.r.l. quality certificate. Design and production of gearboxes, couplings and cardan shafts for power transmission.


  • Universal shafts.
  • Gear couplings.
  • Plates lamellar couplings.
  • Special couplings and white metal bearings.
  • Gearboxes for industrial applications.
  • Gears and pinions.
  • Special joints.
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Design Video

We offer our technical support during the design, the installation, the maintenance and the evaluation of the performance

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