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Costruzione Allunghe e Trasmissioni

Universal Shafts

COSTRUZIONI ALLUNGHE E TRASMISSIONI universal joint for medium and heavy-duty industry drives. Each shaft model can be manufactured in different types: Standard, fixed length, Double joint, Fixed Flanged design, Stroke Flanged design. Design of shafts goes up to 9.000kNm max transmittable torque and 1.200mm max flange diameter.

The main characteristics of a universal joint are:

  • Its capacity to compensate high angles thus allowing the transmission of the torque between two shafts not in line.
  • In its version with a double extensible joint a universal joint will allow both radial and axial displacements.
  • It can transmit very high torques.
  • It requires a very reduced maintenance.
  • It is easy to install.

Our universal shafts have been divided in different models for light to medium and for heavy industrial applications. The material and construction quality level is the same. In both cases special types are available upon request. Forks are obtained by casted or forged steel depending on application and size. Forks material is quenched and tempered steel. Crosses are obtained from forged steel carburized and quenched. They can be provided as a monolithic piece or with removable cup. Bearings are manufactured using carburized and quenched steel. Splined shaft are nitrided or induction heated.

From design to painting every production step is checked and tested to guarantee an excellent product with the higher quality standards.

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