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Gearboxes and Spare

CARDAN and TRANSMISSION srl gearboxes and spares based on customer drawings. The know how developed allows CARDAN and TRANSMISSION srl to produce high technology and reliable gearboxes with very competitive prices.

The following tests and controls are performed for each single gearbox:

  • UT on forging and plates, hardness after heat treatment.
  • Hardness after grinding.
  • Involutes profile, quality grade of grinding and boring, W measure, contacts, backlash, magnaflux.

All the production cycle strictly applies the protocol of our quality system UNI EN ISO 9001-2008, thus guaranteeing a high quality standard product. In our laboratory we perform all the required analysis on raw materials such as chemical and mechanical tests.

From design to painting every production step is checked and tested to guarantee an excellent product with the higher quality standards.

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