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White Metal Bearings

CARDAN and TRANSMISSION srl in partnership with a local bearings industry can project and manufacture any type of bearing realized in white metal for high speed and loads.

White Metal Bearings type:

  • Tilting Pads type.
  • Lemon type.

If you have a requirement for a non-standard white metal bearing, or just need a price competitive option, our experienced engineers are capable of manufacturing many types of plain bearings. Both service providers and end users entrust us with the complete manufacture of bearings for many applications. If drawings or required documents are not available, we have the ability to reverse engineer bearings. This is used not only to produce a solution for the client, but also as a new blueprint for further refurbishment projects.

White metal bearings are made from white metal alloys, which can include tin, lead, zinc, and bismuth. Of course, each white metal bearing will contain a different combination of alloys, depending on the desired strength and other requirements. White metal bearings are beneficial in that they offer an extended service life under normal operating conditions. When it comes to excess momentary overloads, these bearings also perform well. When there is an alignment or lubrication problem, the white metal bearing can compensate with greater ease than other types of bearings.

From design to painting every production step is checked and tested to guarantee an excellent product with the higher quality standards.

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