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Gears and Pinions

CARDAN and TRANSMISSION srl can manufacture large size bevel gears pairs according to the most restrictive prescriptions quality grade and case-hardened with HPG finishing method.
After the sandblasting, heat treatment is carried out by our selected sub-suppliers through modern and high quality treatments.

The main characteristics of the gears and pinions are:

  • Diameter max 1150 mm.
  • Module from 3 up to 27.
  • Short delivery time can guaranteed.
  • DIN 5 or better grade can be guaranteed.
  • Cycles executed and diagrams of involuntary gears controlled by computer.

We are equipped with modern machine for the manufacture of gears, pinion shaft and turned parts such as:

  • Turning machines.
  • Grinders for internal and external diameters.
  • Line cutters.

Our supplier can manufacture any kind of gears and pinions. They are equipped with teeth grinding machines for big gears.

The main characteristics of the gears and pinions are:

  • Diameter up to 4000 mm.
  • Module up to 40.
  • Internal teeth grinding machine make rapid up to 2500.
  • Klingenberg HPG.
  • High speed CNC grinding machines.

From design to painting every production step is checked and tested to guarantee an excellent product with the higher quality standards.

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