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Plates Lamellar Couplings

CARDAN and TRANSMISSION srl plates packs lamellar couplings Model GPL. Flex coupling are completely free from backlash, torsionally rigid, flectional elastic and maintenance free. The lamellar annular packs can transmit the torque in both sense of direction without any angular play. They are built with quality steel and the lamellar annular pack are made of stainless steel. The lamellar group bushed through rectified connections, is locked with precision screw and special self-locking nuts.

The model types are:

  • Intermediate spacer (type A).
  • Intermediate flange (type B).
  • Without spacers (type C).

Design of lamellar couplings goes up to 130,000m max transmittable torque and 420 mm max external diameter.

From design to painting every production step is checked and tested to guarantee an excellent product with the higher quality standards.

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