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For industrial light and medium duty application. The universal shaft type HL propose flange DIN from 58 mm to 225 mm diameter with torque from 190 Nm up to 25.000 Nm. Deflection angle up to 35°. Each size can be manufactured with bigger flange diameters.

Although not having the same reliability and strength of the models with monolithic forks this model has the great advantage of allowing the final user to easily replace the crosses. Bolted forks shafts can be provided on request.

HST model has been designed with the splined shaft passing through the cross and the bolted flange. This model of universal shafts was developed mainly for use on the vertical stands of rolling mills.

This model of universal shafts was developed for industrial applications with heavy loading from 1250 to 9000 kNm and is the top of its category, both as regards the capacity and the price. It is supplied with a Hirth type flange, to ensure the maximum safety and the easiest possible maintenance. Different flanges can be supplied, after verifying their torque transmission capacity. Higher torques can be reached, upon request.

This type of universal shaft is both solid and efficient, and it is optimized for those application where the force is the main factor. The universal shafts type HS propose flanges from 180 up to 620 mm, with torque up to 1250 kNm.